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Monday, October 23, 2023, 07:41

Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary man. With a unique personality, this brilliant scientist and inventor was ahead of his time. Perhaps because of that or because of his permanent search for free energy for all, he was deliberately forgotten by science. A long time passed until the scientific community recognized his merits and the incredible contribution to the world of his discoveries, a fair review of all his work, without which, many of the inventions that we enjoy today, would not. would have been possible.

Dedicated to this exceptional scientist, Grupo Tecniobras launches its most innovative project on the real estate market, the Tesla Building, located in Nueva Montaña, Santander, an area in full urban development and equipped with public services, a medical center, urban transportation, sports areas, parks and children’s areas, as well as access roads from two highways and countless new shops and entertainment venues.

The construction features of the Tesla Building are extraordinary. The avant-garde design of its facades – which provide high thermal-acoustic insulation -, the layout of terraces, attics and outdoor areas, the innovative construction materials and the use of renewable energies draw attention. Its 80 homes have been designed to optimize interior spaces and take advantage of natural light through the large terraces. Efficiency and energy savings are also important factors that aim to reduce home maintenance costs. An exceptional work that Tecniobras will carry out for 18 months and with an exceptional price from €130,000+VAT.

Promotion Features:

• 80 homes with 2/3 bedrooms.

• Impressive penthouses and large terraces.

• High thermal-acoustic insulation facades.

• Certified construction materials.

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