Order and you will win: small changes that will increase your well-being

A tidy house does not only mean that everything is in its place (although it is a good start), but also that you get rid of what you no longer need: clothes, shoes, toys… that you no longer use can have a second life if they are donate or recycle. This way you will get more space at home for what you really like. And many times disorder is caused by the accumulation of things, which is why we have to learn to get rid of what is no longer useful. But, yes, what you keep should be well organized and stored in its corresponding place, so that you do not end up being part of that 21% of people who feel frustrated by having too many things at home without a designated place, according to the study. Home Life Report 2022 the IKEA.

However, the degree of influence that order exerts on each person is not the same. That is why it is important to reach some kind of understanding. “Order influences people differently. While for some it is as if they cannot organize themselves internally if things around them are out of place, for others the chaos does not affect them as much,” he says. Patricia Maguet, couples psychologist associated with the General Council of Psychology. “The problem is when two members of the same couple have different criteria regarding the degree of order and cleanliness they need to feel comfortable. If the differences are small, they can be resolved with simple agreements, agreeing on who will take care of each thing,” adds the psychologist.

If you tidy up your house, you will also be tidying up your mind. It is one of the main conclusions of the study Homes with Psychology, carried out by the General Council of Psychology, the Psychofoundation and IKEA, which points out that greater organization in the home is linked to an increase in well-being and happiness, but also with a decrease in the feeling of loneliness. To do this, it is enough to clean the kitchen daily, organize and make the beds. General cleaning can be done during the weekend, when we have more time and fewer obligations, and we are also at home to enjoy the result.

21% of people feel frustrated by having things at home without a specific place

It is also important to keep in mind that changes in the family can (temporarily) alter the order and organization of the home. And nothing happens. «The arrival of children is inevitably related to an increase in the amount of things, accessories, toys, etc., and is also usually related to greater disorder. In these cases it is essential to accept the change with flexibility and at the same time teach the children the habits of order that are necessary,” explains Patricia Maguet. At the end of the day, an organized and cared for home is a sign of love for the people who live with us, whom we love so much. A small effort in exchange for increasing the quality of life of our family that, without a doubt, is worth it.

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