More than 3,000 Cantabrian socialists, called to vote in the consultation on Sánchez’s pacts

More than 3,000 members of the PSOE of Cantabria are called to participate in Pedro Sánchez’s consultation with the party’s bases on the pacts for the investiture and, implicitly on the amnesty law, that the general secretary of the party at the regional level, Pablo Zuloaga , has already endorsed.

This was confirmed this Tuesday by Zuloaga himself in statements made to the media about this consultation, in which he made an “extraordinary call” for participation and said that “he has no doubt” that the Cantabrian militancy will support the proposal, as he has already done.

«I am clear that what is best for Cantabria and also for Spain at a time like this is a progressive Government led by the Socialist Party and led by Pedro Sánchez. “I vote yes and I call on the members of the Socialist Party of Cantabria to endorse, to support the proposal,” he stated.

Zuloaga explained that since yesterday you can vote online and, to do so in person, he indicated that on Saturday, November 4, 35 voting centers will open throughout Cantabria.

He has indicated that a “good part” of the militancy has already participated online in the consultation, in which the militant is asked if he supports the agreement to form a government with Sumar and achieving the support of other political formations to achieve the majority. necessary to allow Sánchez’s investiture.

«We are living in an extraordinary moment in our country and at this moment a progressive Government is more necessary than ever to respond to the cuts and steps backwards that the Popular Party is taking in so many autonomous communities, in so many autonomous governments, as we unfortunately also suffer. in Cantabria,” he said.

In his opinion, Spain needs a Government “that makes decisions and governs thinking about the people, advancing the social agenda” and that “improves coexistence between the territories” of the country, an Executive that governs “to increase the interprofessional minimum wage”, “regularize pensions” and “advance labor rights or reduce working hours, govern to increase the financing of public services.”

Questioned about the formula used for the question, and the criticism from some voices in the party for considering that it is not clear and for not explicitly including the issue of the amnesty law, Zuloaga has opined that “the clearest question is not it may be”, especially after the party’s Federal Committee held on Saturday in which Sánchez made “for the first time a clear allusion to the terms that have to be developed to obtain the support of other political forces beyond his hand.”

“I think that the PSOE in general, and that Pedro Sánchez in particular, is being absolutely clear with its roadmap to carry out a progressive Government in our country,” he said.

And Zuloaga has highlighted that “the objective is not the Government”, but “to govern to carry out that social agenda that benefits the social majority of our country” and another aimed at “continuing to advance in the other agenda, the one that improves the coexistence of our country.

Zuloaga has stressed that the “climate of coexistence between Catalonia and Spain is infinitely better than in that year 2017”, when the Unilateral Declaration of Independence was declared and “the institutional stability of our country was broken under the mandate of the Popular Party.”

Therefore, in his opinion, the question that must be asked is “Do we want a consummated progress agreement to continue in a progressive coalition?” Yes. Do we want to reach as many agreements as are necessary to support this investiture? Yeah”.

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