A very irregular Allegation falls fairly in Alicante

Alega fell in Alicante in an irregular match in which they never quite got into the rhythm of the game, at least consistently (89-79). Some efforts allowed him to reach the last five minutes alive, but in reality he barely had any real chance of victory.

With two wins and identical defeats at the start of the season, David Mangas’ men continue looking for their place in LEB Oro, with the aspiration of being close to the promotion play-off but needing, first of all, to begin to build the cushion that will give them stay away from compromised positions. The visit to the Lucentum field, a team that had only won one game, was an opportunity to try to get back on its feet, but the opposite happened.

Almost always in tow, the Torrelaveguenese had hardly any chance of taking anything positive from Alicante. In the game, but without getting that necessary streak to qualify for something else. Already in the first act they were on the verge of finishing 27-19 against, but a triple by Urban Klavzar made up the result. In the second, with more successful defenses, the Alicante team increased their lead to go into the break with 45-36 in their favor.


Miguel Serrano (-), Tyler Harris (3), Bradley Davidson (31), Jon Gudmundsson (8), Kevin Bercy (0), Richard Balint (6), Eduard Gatell (8), A. Arcones (-), Konstantin Kostadinov (20), Mus Barro (11), David Hook (2), T. Texeira (-). E-Antonio Pérez




Vlad Voytso (2), Spencer Littleson (23), Mirza Bulic (15), Urban Klavzar (16), Jose Nogués (2), Derrick Walker (4), Agustí Sans (10), Marc Peñarroya (0), Fallou Niang (0), Matej Radunic (7). E-David Mangas

  • Partials
    27-22, 18-14, 21-21, 23-22

  • Referees
    Cañigueral Novera, Zamora Rodríguez and AlejoSánchez.

  • Incidences
    Match of the fifth day of LEB Oro contested at the Sports Technology Center

Shy reaction

Only in the third quarter were those from Mangas at the same pace as the locals. They even had a moment of lucidity, with three consecutive triples from Spencer and a play of two that allowed them to tie at 47, but everything went down with a 10-0 run that, apart from evidencing a problem, returned control to Lucentum.

Things were thus very complicated for the last quarter, which was reached with a local lead of nine points. Even so, the Cantabrians tried through Urban (4) and Bulic (3) in a brief comeback that brought them within five (69-64), but it was evident that Alega had no continuity and shortly after Gudmunsson and Barro returned the game to its almost permanent status: that of a Lucentum around ten points.

Thanks to his intervention, the final chapter only confirmed the defeat, finally by ten, of an Alega who on Sunday has the opportunity to make amends, but it will be against a tough rival. This Sunday starting at 12:30 pm in front of San Pablo Burgos at Vicente Trueba.

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