Naval Success in the Fight against Drug Trafficking in Antillean Waters

In the morning of November 1, after an impressive naval deployment, an intense chase was unleashed that culminated in the capture of two “Go-Fast” boats. This operation marked a milestone in the fight against a drug trafficking network that operated in the waters of the Lesser Antilles, revealing the dangerous reality of this illicit trade.

These two boats had suddenly appeared on the radars of the security forces at high speed, leaving one of the coasts of the neighboring countries. Each of the boats carried two crew members and an impressive cargo on board: two tons of alkaloid, carefully packaged in 58 rectangular packages.

Suspicions indicated that its final destination was one of the Antillean islands, triggering a high-risk operation that was supported by ships from the United States Navy. What followed was a chase that lasted more than an hour and a half, in which the fugitives put their lives and those of the officers on duty at risk as they desperately tried to escape.

These individuals had a large amount of fuel and sophisticated communication devices, including GPS systems and fourth generation Inmarsat and IsatPhone satellite telephony, which gave them a considerable advantage in their attempt to evade the authorities. The sophistication of these boats impressed everyone, since they even had a UHF – VHF radio frequency system.

This operational complexity shows the magnitude of drug trafficking that was taking place in the region. However, the bravery and determination of the naval commissions in charge of guarding the seas of the region managed to stop and deactivate these boats, marking a milestone in the fight against drug trafficking in these waters.

Despite the success of the operation, the authorities do not rule out the possibility that a third, larger vessel may have received the supply of the illegal cargo. The investigation continues with the goal of completely dismantling this drug trafficking network and bringing those responsible to justice.