De la Fuente does not clarify whether Rubiales coerced them to endorse his version of the kiss

Luis de la Fuente was a fronton in the National Court. The men’s coach and until recently one of Luis Rubiales’ closest collaborators took refuge in continuous evasion and his supposed ignorance of the details of the case to avoid putting the already former president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) on the ropes. for the kiss to Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney.

The Rioja coach did not clarify anything at all and, before the judge of the National Court who is investigating the case for the alleged crimes of coercion and sexual assault of the player, he did not confirm, but neither did he deny, that Rubiales put pressure on his closest circle in the plane trip back to Spain to support the version that the kiss after that final on August 20 was consensual.

De la Fuente did everything possible at all times to put the facts in the middle. The coach did not even travel to Australia for the Women’s World Cup, but his statement as a witness before the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 1, Francisco de Jorge, could have been, according to judicial sources, key to the case.

All this because he was one of the nine attendees at the meeting that was called in the office of the then highest federation leader, 72 hours after the World Cup final. A meeting that had a supposedly single objective: to give indications and instructions so that the team closest to Rubiales would close ranks with him, creating together a coherent and seamless account of what happened in the Sydney stadium and in the hours that followed, the trip. back included, when the controversy over the kiss had already exploded in all its magnitude.

“Anodyne and inconsequential”

But the expectations that the coach would pull the blanket came to nothing. According to legal sources, in essence De la Fuente took refuge at all times in the mantra that he did not speak or intervene in that meeting; that he basically came as a stone guest and that he did not know whether or not there was an agreed strategy to save Rubiales. An “anodyne statement” and “totally inconsequential for the case”, in the words of some of those attending it, who stressed that the coach went so far as to imply that he was not aware of anything that was being discussed in that meeting, although he was present at all times.

Thus, Luis de la Fuente did not shed any light on the veracity or otherwise of the complaint that Patricia Pérez, the press manager of the women’s team, made before the Compliance Department of the FEF, in which He explained that Rubiales pressured him to say, among other things, that he had seen how Hermoso slapped him twice and picked him up in his arms.

Much more interest for the cause than the Rioja coach’s statement was that of Enrique Yunta Negro, deputy director of Communication of the FEF. Yunta, who also appeared as a witness, did confirm almost point by point Pérez’s story that incriminates Rubiales for coercion, at least to those responsible for the federation. Along these lines, he confirmed that exculpatory responses were indeed prepared for the former president with the aim of presenting them to the Compliance Department and that at that meeting it was discussed that Pérez, given their good relationship, should call Jennifer Hermoso and Alexia Putellas by phone. , but she refused.

Pablo García Cuervo, then Director of Communication of the federation, was the third to testify. According to legal sources, he “demonstrated a surprising lack of knowledge of the facts about which he was asked and at some point he contradicted Patricia Pérez’s statement.” According to Pérez, García Cuervo was the one who wrote the statement that was put in Hermoso’s mouth to try to exonerate Rubiales and take away from the kiss.

Once the testimonies of Luis de la Fuente, Enrique Yunta and Pablo García Cuervo have been heard, the judge plans to summon the player Laia Codina and the president of the National Women’s Soccer Committee, Rafael del Amo, on November 16. On the 30th, a confrontation will take place between Ana Belén Ecube, friend of Jenni Hermoso, and Rubén Rivera, former marketing director of the FEF, who has already appeared under investigation for alleged coercion.

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