Granada will be eliminated from the Cup due to improper alignment

Granada won its debut match in the Cup on the field against Arosa of the Third Federation (0-3), but will be eliminated in the offices due to improper alignment. Granada committed a serious irregularity with goalkeeper Adri López, registered with the reserve team and over 23 years of age, which is why he is not authorized to play in a non-professional competition and this will cost the Nasrid club a farewell to the Cup at the first opportunity. exchange. The president of Arosa, Manuel Abalo, announced late this Thursday night that the Galician club will file a complaint with the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) “to defend the rights of each one.”

“They don’t like these things, because no one likes to be complained about, but if there is improper alignment we are going to complain about it, because we have to defend the club,” insisted the top leader of the modest Pontevedra entity, which will qualify for the second Cup tie because Granada violated the regulations. Granada did not realize that with the line-up of its 24-year-old goalkeeper it risked elimination and, given that Arosa will challenge its victory, the Nasrid team will be the only representative of the 16 First Division that will be left out after the dispute of the first round.

Valencia, Villarreal and Alavés surpassed their respective commitments, against Logroñés (0-2), Chiclana (0-5) and Deportivo Murcia, from Preferente (0-10), and will not be missing in the draw for the second round that was going to be held next Tuesday but was postponed as a result of the suspension of the Gimnástica Segoviana-Sestao and Atzeneta-Zaragoza matches. The big surprise of Thursday’s cup match in the fields came with the classification of Villanovense from the Second Federation against Ibiza from the First RFEF, with the Extremaduran team coming back in five minutes (2-1).

The Gimnástica-Sestao and Atzeneta-Zaragoza matches that should have been played this Thursday were suspended as a result of the storm that hit the peninsula. The strong gusts of wind in Segovia and Onteniente forced the postponement of both matches, the Atzeneta-Zaragoza just an hour and a half before the scheduled time. In the case of the match between Gimnástica and Sestao, its suspension was made public at 3:00 p.m., when the Basque team’s squad was eating in Boceguillas, a municipality located less than an hour from the La Albuera stadium.

The Gimnástica-Sestao, on Wednesday

“Due to inclement weather,” the FEF officially announced the suspension of the two cup matches at 6:30 p.m. The Gimnástica-Sestao was scheduled to be played from 7:00 p.m., but the storm ‘Ciarán’ was responsible for postponing the duel, which after the agreement between both clubs will be played on Wednesday of next week.

“The current weather conditions have led to the decision to suspend the match to preserve the safety of the teams, the media and the attending public,” the Segovian club announced. The Sestao expedition left by bus for Segovia at 11:30 am and its trip was in vain, with another four hours of travel back to the Biscayan town.

In the case of Atzeneta-Zaragoza, the Aragonese entity proposed to play the match this Friday, but the modest Valencian club from the Third Federation refused, so, in principle, if there is no agreement, it will be the FEF that will set the new date .

This Thursday’s matches (First round):

-The Rose-Granada (0-3).

-Chiclana-Villarreal (0-5).

-Logroñés-Valencia (0-2).

-Hercules-Burgos (1-2).

Villanovense-Ibiza (2-1).

-Deportivo Murcia-Alavés (0-10).

-Gimnástica Segoviana-Sestao. Postponed. Wednesday 8. 6:00 p.m.

-Azeneta-Zaragoza. adjourned

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