Laredo and Santoña study the improvement of their maritime link in El Puntal

The City Councils of Laredo and Santoña are jointly studying the possibility of improving their maritime link in El Puntal through a common project to optimize the boat service that connects both towns. The objective of this initiative is to provide good boarding and disembarkation conditions on both sides for users who use it daily and protect the dune system, which is a protected environment and has been declared a nature reserve.

While Santoña has acceptable infrastructure for boarding and disembarking, in Laredo passengers have to cross the dunes to get to the shore, which affects its conservation and makes accessibility difficult for people with reduced mobility, luggage, child seats or bikes.

To avoid these inconveniences, the councils propose the use of the facilities built next to the Real Club Náutico de Laredo building, since this entity is no longer the holder of the concession for them. For this reason, the mayors of Laredo and Santoña, Miguel González and Jesús Gullart respectively, have assured that “the most efficient thing would be to take advantage of public resources to carry out the project.”

Faster and more secure access

Both councilors believe that the action “is necessary to achieve faster and more continuous access for everyone, especially for the workers and patients of the Laredo Regional Hospital, the pilgrims and the citizens of Laredo, Santoña and the Junta de Siete Villas of Trasmiera who use it annually.

Furthermore, González and Gullart have highlighted the importance of this plan to “benefit the environment”, specifically the dune system of the town of Pejina and the Santoña, Noja and Joyel Marshes Natural Park, a protected environment declared a natural reserve that occupies 6,678 hectares and which is distributed in several municipalities in the eastern area of ​​Cantabria.

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