Santoña will launch a theater-circus workshop aimed at adults and children

The Department of Culture of the Santoña City Council is going to launch a theater-circus workshop aimed at young adults and children. The project will last seven months and has been put out to tender for an amount of 13,310 euros, with interested companies being able to present their offers until November 14.

The theater-circus workshop will be taught one day a week in two sessions so that children and adults have their first contact with the artistic world of theater and circus through play and fun.

The activity will allow participants to develop many social aspects and self-knowledge. «It is a healthy way to learn to express yourself physically and verbally and you work on memory, mental agility and diction in a fun way. Reflexes, coordination, imagination and creativity are stimulated and we learn to lose shyness, improve self-esteem, work in groups, collaborate, cooperate and resolve conflicts in a horizontal way.

For its execution there must be a minimum number of students that is in the range of 8-15 students in adults, with those enrolled must be from 14 years old; as well as a minimum of 8-15 students in children, aged between 8 and 13 years. Each class will have two monitors. The workshop schedule will be determined based on the availability of space and schedule, although it will be preferable in the afternoon.

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