The Cantabrian company Al aire flamenco celebrates its tenth anniversary on Saturday

Guillermo Balbona

Thursday, November 2, 2023, 5:18 p.m.

Making flamenco visible and promoting in Cantabria is its essential objective. Singing, playing, dancing and percussion. Flamenco in essence. It is a training that varies its components depending on the time, place and occasion. The Cantabrian company Al aire flamenco celebrates ten years. For the commemoration, he has worked on an anniversary show that will bring together thirteen artists. A decade on stage that is celebrated with this production created for the occasion and which premieres in the Los Salesianos auditorium. A tour of “some of the company’s most emblematic pieces but approached with a luxury cast: Three cantaores, Mónica Núñez, José Hernández and Alicia García Orduña; two voices, that of Jorge Cánovas and Patricia Ruiz; two guitars, Antonio León and Pablo Horna; percussion, Dani Peña; double bass, Dani Simons; and four dancers: Lucía Serrano, Antonia Gómez, Alba del Ojo and Angela Gaut. «It will be a very special show for us and we trust that for the public, since we will bring together on stage many of the artists who have passed through our company. in these ten years of life,” highlights the dancer and director of the company Lucía Serrano, together with Dani Peña.

After three years working together in what was the group Flamenco Tablao, Serrano and Peña, together with the support of MG Producciones, decided to officially create their own company. The intention from the beginning was “to generate flamenco in our region, to create, to be able to share it with other artists and make it reach the public.” Al Aire Flamenco, according to Dani Peña, “is a flamenco intention, a formation that varies its components depending on the time, place and occasion, with the aim of doing by and for flamenco.”

In these years they have presented long-form purely flamenco shows such as ‘Al Aire’ (2015), ‘Cuatro Mujeres’ (2017), ‘Es flamenco’ (2020), ‘Esencia Nueva’ (2021) and their latest production, premiered in December 2022, ‘Solitude of the color of the olive’. They are currently finalizing a new creation, ‘De Raiz’, which will have its debut on the 17th in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Santander as part of the commemoration of International Flamenco Day. The company has also worked on less orthodox formats, such as tributes through singing and dancing: One to Joaquín Sabina and another to the Flores Family. Or short pieces that are closer to a performative act such as ‘Pequeños grandes Gestos’ or ‘Ayeo’, both created with the intention of leading to reflection on violence against women, using flamenco as a language. Tickets for Saturday’s show are on sale at ’10th Anniversary Compañía Al Aire’.

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