They dismantle 34 cocaine production centers in Nariño in the month of October

During the month of October, Colombian Navy troops dismantled 34 illegal infrastructures in which, apparently, Colombian drug trafficking organizations department of Nariño, in the southwest of the countryproduced illicit substances, namely cocaine.

The Navy troops reached the most inhospitable areas of the municipalities of El Charco, Olaya Herrera, Santa Bárbara de Iscuandé and Tumaco, all of them in the department of Nariño, locating 34 laboratories in which around 4,500 kilograms of solid inputs were seized, including coca leaves and cement, as well as more than 14,300 gallons of liquid inputs such as coca leaf in process, fuel, acetone and ammoniasubstances all of them used for the processing of coca base paste and cocaine hydrochloride.

Each of these structures, which would have the capacity to accommodate up to 20 people, was equipped with numerous utensils, appliances and artifacts used in the narcotic production chain. The laboratories, along with the seized material, were destroyed on site by military personnel, in coordination with the Judicial Police, in compliance with established protocols.

Likewise, in the effective development of river searches and controls, the Colombian Marines captured four subjects in flagrante delicto for the crime of carrying firearms and common crime, seized 10 short-range weapons, 64 ammunition of different calibers and three vessels with smuggled fuel.

One of the laboratories / Armada

Criminal networks use this area of ​​the country because it is border with Ecuador, a country through which much of the cocaine produced goes abroad in Colombia, for its quick access to the sea and for having large jungle territories that are difficult to access for the authorities.

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