They try to rescue cocaine from the roof of a container in broad daylight in Coventry!

Four members of an organized crime group have been jailed after attempting to recover 139 kilos of cocaine that arrived in the UK hidden in a shipment of bananas. The researchers of the National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested the four while unloading a container they believed contained drugs worth eleven million pounds in April 2022.

The container had arrived from Ecuador and was registered at London Gateway port. Border Force officers found several packages of cocaine in the roof area. Immediately afterwards, they withdrew from it and the container was closed again while awaiting the arrival of the criminals.

A few days later, Robert Ball, who was later discovered to was acting on behalf of an Albanian organized crime group, He contacted the shipping line to ask them to release four containers, including the one he thought contained the drugs. Ball, 59, from Altrincham, Cheshire, hired a haulage company to collect and move the containers to another storage company in Herald Way, Coventry.
These movements were observed in detail by NCA surveillance officers.

Container and backpacks with drugs / NCA

Ball, along with his accomplices Florjan Ibra, Mirgent Shahu and Arman Kaviani, arrived a few days later on April 15, 2022 (Good Friday). Ball had driven from Cheshire earlier that day, picking up Shahu at a Costa Coffee in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Rescuers in action / NCA

Ball and Shahu gave instructions to Kaviani and Ibra in the storage yard, who They used a forklift to lift the container. Once upstairs and in broad daylight they opened the roof with a crowbar and began unloading packages which they believed contained the drugs, but as they did so, NCA and police officers approached to arrest them. Kaviani and Ibra tried to flee, but were detained.

The condemned / NCA

The four men were later accused of cocaine importation crimes. Ball and Shahu were convicted by a jury at Warwick Crown Court on May 26 this year, while Ibra and Kaviani pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

The drug / NCA

In the same court and This Wednesday, All Saints’ Day, Ball and Shahu were sentenced each to 18 years in prison. Ibra was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison and Kaviani to 12 years and nine months in previous hearings.

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