This Friday, the new Machichaco Museum joins the memory of the Santander catastrophe

Guillermo Balbona

Thursday, November 2, 2023, 8:50 p.m.

Starting this Friday, the new Machichaco Museum interpretation center joins the various references that contribute to keeping alive and disseminating the memory of the historic port and urban catastrophe that Santander experienced on November 3, 1893. Coinciding with this 130th anniversary of the explosion of the steam, as El Diario reported, the inauguration of the space enabled at the Maritime Station will take place. At 12, the traditional floral offering is scheduled at the monument to the victims of Cabo Machichaco. Next, the opening ceremony of the Museum will be attended by Gema Igual, mayor of Santander, César Díaz, president of the Port Authority, the Minister of Culture, Eva Guillermina Fernández and Roberto García-Borbolla, president of the Royal Machichaco Association.

After the inauguration, a commemorative newspaper will be delivered for the 130th anniversary of the event. The Museum complements the Machichaco circuit, made up of the Plaza where an explanatory vinyl is displayed, the monument to the victims and the silhouette of the ship painted in orange in the exact place of the accident, all within a radius of 50 meters. Since its inauguration, the new space will begin to form part of the City Council’s Cultural Ring.

The center offers a self-guided tour in Spanish and English, where you can see the work of the model maker and naval researcher Pedro Blanco, who has also been the curator of the expo, along with the researcher Manuel González Zarzuelo. The visiting hours, free of charge, will be the same as those of the Maritime Station, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. And a visit calendar will be designed for educational centers. The museum will have graphic and illustrative works, such as the magic box or the explosion diorama, along with original documentation from the time, photographs, paintings and scale replicas. A living museum that expects to renew the funds of the exhibited collection every three or six months.

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