Tomás Castaño’s ‘Portraits of the City’ close the Casino’s exhibition season

The Gran Casino exhibition season opened with a visual chronicle through photography on the 120th anniversary of El Diario and closes this fall with portraits of Tomás Castaño and a tribute to the poet Federico García Lorca. In July, the exhibition on the ‘Baños de Ola’ took place, led by María José Mínguez and her collection of period dresses, which was followed by exhibitions by Rosario García del Río, José Higuera and Yeyo Riancho.

Starting next Saturday, starting at 12:30 p.m., the exhibition space of the Gran Casino will host the exhibition ‘Portraits of the city’, by the painter Tomás Castaño who brings together for the occasion his most recent works focusing his objective “on some of the corners more nostalgic and recognizable from Santander, as well as works also inspired by various trips in which Castaño always finds inspiration for his works. Painter of details, select, refined in his elaboration, he plays with the search for beauty in his works and with a personal realism recognizable by the public. The exhibition will also show the original illustrations that Castaño dedicated to the book ‘Lorca, a poet in New York’, from the Los Cántabros publishing house, which will be presented shortly and for which the author was inspired by New York in the 1930s and its clubs, shops, shop windows and mythical buildings. Self-taught, Castaño (Santander, 1953) has forged himself, with his passion for painting, opting for a realistic, serene and poetic painting style. His urban iconography captures the magic of ancient aesthetics and transmits all the warmth and humanization of environments not transformed by the “globalized, cold and always fast life of today.” Castaño’s work has been shown in group exhibitions in countries such as Germany, Holland, the United States, Argentina and Japan, and in numerous national individual and group exhibitions. This exhibition closes the 2023 cultural programming, coordinated by Jesús Mazón, in which after six exhibitions there has been a great reception and response from the public.

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