Val de San Vicente will pay 349,500 euros for the unopened pool

The Val de San Vicente City Council will have to pay 349,500 euros to pay off the debt for the construction of its swimming pool, built more than ten years ago in Pesués, but with no prospect of opening at the moment. To this end, a credit supplement has been approved for that amount, which will be transferred to the Cantabria Sports Infrastructure Consortium, from where the payments of the different municipalities that make it up are managed.

Although until now those that had been carried out annually were smaller (at most they used to be around 12,000 euros) and were aimed at meeting maintenance and legal expenses of the entity, this time it has been contemplated to transfer this amount to cover the last annual payment. of the construction work. The previous fees have been financed by the regional government in power but after the change of acronym there is still no commitment that this contribution will continue, at the expense of a meeting requested from the Executive to which the three mayors of the town councils will attend. with swimming pools built under the umbrella of the Consortium.

In addition to Val de San Vicente, there are Ribamontán al Mar and Colindres, which do have their pools operating and will have to contribute a similar amount. Marina de Cudeyo, for its part, was within the group but left without seeing its pool built, so it is not paying for the work, only the operating expenses. Suances and Torrelavega are proceeding with liquidation to leave the Consortium.

In the case of Val de San Vicente, the only municipality of the Consortium where the pool has been built but has not been opened, the mayor, Roberto Escobedo, will request the president, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, and the Sports Minister, Eva Guillermina Fernández, “to resolve the issue of financing together with the City Council” to be able to open the infrastructure, the operation of which is estimated to cost the municipal coffers between 200,000 and 250,000 euros per year, an amount that, according to the councilor, the municipality cannot front facing. In fact, he points out that this week it was fully approved to raise the IBI tax rate to obtain an additional 100,000 euros in annual revenue due to the expenses incurred by existing services. “Imagine with the pool,” he adds.

The approach that was being considered until now was to be able to count on the support of other neighboring municipalities for the financing of the management, but the mayor rules it out: “That formula is no longer viable because there were town councils that were not interested.”

And why doesn’t Val de San Vicente leave the Consortium? “We cannot leave because we already have obligations, having a swimming pool in the territory,” responds Escobedo, who affirms that those who are in a different situation are those municipalities that were initially in the entity but that finally did not see their own built. pool.

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