A double organization that dominated the hashish business between Morocco, Spain and Italy falls

Soldiers from the Turin Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza, with the collaboration of operational units from other departments of the Corps and with the coordination of the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office, carried out executions in several Italian regions (Piedmont, Veneto and Apulia) to carry out term a preventive detention order issued by the judge of the Piedmontese capital against 12 people. All of them are suspected of being part of two different criminal associations aimed at trafficking and marketing large quantities of narcotic substances, mainly hashish, which They arrived in Italy from Morocco, via Spain.

During the relevant investigations, carried out, among other techniques, through telephone and environmental interceptions and extensive observation and monitoring activities, the officials collected important circumstantial elements regarding the existence of two alleged criminal associations, all of them made up of people originally from Morocco, who would have task multiple crimes related to drug importation and trafficking.

In particular, the first of the two aforementioned groups was characterized by a stable and well-defined organization, endowed with considerable instrumental and economic resources and led by a 44-year-old man of Moroccan nationality. It had its main logistics base and center of interests in Turin and its province, where the most important warehouses used for illicit trafficking were located (in Turin and Piossasco), with qualified contacts also in the Friulian territory, where sales of narcotics were carried out. Another warehouse was located in Pordenone, and the association also had branches in Veneto (provinces of Venice and Treviso).

The significant economic strength of this criminal group arose, during the investigations, from the possibility of using numerous vehicles (own or rented) for the organization of criminal activities and for the collection and transportation of narcotics and the proceeds of crime trafficking, as well as the Demonstrated ability to finance new narcotic imports and bear the enormous costs of its concealment and transportation despite the enormous seizures of narcotics that they suffered.

The second group involved in the investigations – led by a 48-year-old Moroccan and two other people – was also rooted in Turin and its province, with connections in Lombardy (provinces of Milan and Varese) and in Tuscany (province of Pisa). According to the research hypotheses, it would be a territorial structure, endowed with its own operational autonomy and highly structured (in view of the considerable volume of business produced), constituting a much larger transnational organization, which operates in Spanish territory and is a recipient of income from drug trafficking activities, as evidenced, among other things, through the reconstruction of some illicit money transfers in Spain using the intermediation of Chinese nationals.

The investigation determined that the two criminal associations separated by this operation were united based on the enormous economic resources used and obtained from their illicit trafficking and the use of proven systems to make communications between associates confidential.

In parallel, the capacity of the two groups to organize functional operations for the purchase, custody and transportation of narcotics (especially hashish) was discovered.sourcing mainly from North Africa and introducing them into the Italian national territory through Spain. The subsequent distribution of the narcotic, for whose transport modified vehicles equipped with special double bottoms were also used, was directed to different drug trafficking centers in Northern Italy (in particular, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Veneto and Friuli Venezia – Giulia). .

During the investigations, only in the period from January to April 2022, in the province of Turin, approximately 460 kilos of hashish, in addition to approximately 500 grams of cocaine and a kilo of marijuana.

The depth of the criminal gangs investigated and the relevance of the conduct carried out were further confirmed during the execution of the precautionary arrest order and the corresponding raids, in which the financiers of the local economic-financial police unit They identified two other drug deposits inside boxes located in residential complexes.

Drugs seized / GdF

The first of them appeared in Leinì, in the possession of the second of the aforementioned criminal groups, where 223 kilos of hashish were kept, already packaged and ready to be sold on the illicit market; the other, identified thanks to the work of the drug detection dog Jakora, was guarded by another Moroccan individual (unrelated to the facts contemplated in the initial precautionary measure and detained in flagrante delicto), where 163 kilos of hashish were found and seized.

The aforementioned quantities of narcotic substances seized in total, if they had been sold on the retail market, could have generated illicit income from more than 11 million euros.

Intervened drug / GdF

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