A jihadist with 400,000 followers who called for killing Jews and gays arrested

He is probably the most active jihadist indoctrinator on social networks detained in Spain. He had 400,000 followers on his different channels and accumulated nearly 4 million likes for his radical harangues, in which he insisted on “cutting the throats of the enemies of Islam.”

The suspect was arrested last Wednesday afternoon by the National Police in Terrasa (Barcelona) and was sent to prison this Friday by order of Ismael Moreno, head of the Central Court of Instruction number 2 of the National Court. The Police accuse him of crimes of glorification, indoctrination and terrorist threats, as well as hate crimes.

The CNP’s anti-terrorist services maintain that the person arrested in this ‘Operation Panaca’ “used his social media profiles to incite jihad against Muslims in Europe with the aim of imposing Sharia or Islamic Law, in addition to continuous references of hatred against “Jewish and LGTBI groups.” According to investigators, references to killing gays and Hebrews were continuous in his messages.

In recent months he had hardened his radical discourse, going so far as to encourage terrorist attacks (particularly in Spain and indiscriminately) and to make specific threats against other social media users who criticized him for his violent harangues. His recent calls for jihad in Spain were both in “retaliation for the loss of Al-Andalus” and to follow the example of the attack perpetrated in Algeciras on January 25 when a priest was hacked to death by a deranged Moroccan.

In recent days, the detainee had shown his desire to take action and accelerated the search for knives and bulletproof vests, which precipitated his arrest.

The operation, which has been developed jointly by the General Information Commission and the Provincial Information Brigades of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Alicante, began at the end of 2022 and has also had the collaboration of the General Directorate of Security of the Territory of the Kingdom of Morocco (DGST).

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