A man arrested in Albacete for killing his “squatter” roommate

Friday, November 3, 2023, 12:45

The National Police have arrested a man in Albacete for having killed another man, a roommate from the “squatter” apartment in which they lived, by hitting him on the head with an iron bar. The events occurred in the early morning of October 28 in an apartment in the popular neighborhood of “Las 600.”

Both had previously consumed alcohol in a public establishment. There they began to argue and continued the dispute in the middle of the street. After returning to the house, one of them took a large metal bar and went to the living room where he hit the victim on the head, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

The other companions came to his aid and prevented the aggressor from continuing to hit him. He fled the apartment while the other occupants of the house notified the 112 emergency service. The injured man was admitted to the General University Hospital of Albacete in serious condition and ended up dying from severe head trauma.

The National Police then began the search for the aggressor, which ended with his arrest when he decided to return to the “squat” apartment. He is charged with an alleged crime of homicide.

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