A man is arrested for raping his cousin’s 14-year-old daughter with whom he lived

The Municipal Police of Madrid have arrested a 30-year-old man for raping a 14-year-old girl, his cousin’s daughter, in the house they shared, and threatening to kill her if she told anyone, a police spokesperson reported. Local.

The intervention took place on October 21, when 092 received a communication from the 12 de Octubre hospital, in which they reported that a girl had arrived in pain with signs of having been sexually forced, as confirmed in a physical and psychological examination. Finally, she confessed that a man she lived with in her house got into her bed one day and sexually assaulted her.

As the teenager explained to the agents who arrived at the hospital, she had suffered the rape a few days before by her father’s cousin, with whom she lived in the same house, of Latin American origin. That man had been harassing the girl for weeks before and had forced him to give him a naked photo of herself, with which he threatened to give it to her father and to attack him if he told anything about her.

For all this, the agents of the Police Station for the Protection of Minors, Seniors and Better of the Municipal Police went to that home but the alleged sexual offender was not there. Then, they contacted him by telephone and convinced him that it was better for him not to flee and to return to the house, to clarify the matter, which he did, the newspaper ‘ABC’ detailed. After questioning him, he was arrested and brought to justice.

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