A ton of cocaine on a boat near the Galapagos

In an operation carried out by the Ecuadorian Navy through the Insular Naval Operations Command and the Regional Directorate of Aquatic Spaces and Coast Guard, on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, a two citizens of Ecuadorian nationality in alleged illicit activities related to drug trafficking.

Aeronaval resources of the institution with the use of the coast guard boat “Isla Pinta” and the work of Naval Intelligence allowed their location and subsequent apprehension in the Ecuadorian jurisdictional maritime spaces. Upon detecting a suspicious vessel sailing through the Exclusive Economic Zone, the uniformed officers proceeded to carry out the respective coordination for monitoring, highlighting the AN-236 naval plane and the coast guard boat “Isla Pinta” for inspection and boarding, managing to intercept it.

The stash / Armada

They immediately verified that it was an Ecuadorian flag vessel named “Flor”, seized 180 miles south of San Cristóbal Island, in the Galapagos. On board were two crew members (José S. and Jairo S.) from the provinces of Manabí and Santa Elena, respectively, and, with 16 packages of alleged substances subject to controlnamely, cocaine.

Detainees and part of the drugs / Armada

Those arrested, the boat, fuel and the substances were transferred to San Cristóbal Island for the corresponding legal procedures and placed under the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Unit to Fight Organized Crime (ULCO) for their pertinent prosecution, where they were carried out. field tests, testing positive for cocaine hydrochloride, with weighing approximately one ton.

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