‘Cinema without fog’ adds theater for the first time with ‘Las Rapadas’

Spanish tragedy, a story of “resistance and dignity” that takes place in the rural world of La Mancha and spans from the end of the Civil War and the Franco regime to the present day, ‘Las Rapadas’ represents the incorporation of theater to the Cinema Series for the first time. No Fog. The Café de las Artes hosts the assembly. “There is no contradiction in a cycle that, this year, focuses on the repression of women during the war, post-war and the dictatorship.” The ‘Theater in Defense of the Living’ company from Madrid invites “to dignify the memory of these women.” A unique performance in Cantabria, tomorrow, Saturday, at eight in the afternoon, thanks to the support of the Santander Creativa Foundation and the alliance with the Café de las Artes room. ‘Cinema without fog’ is a proposal organized by the cultural association La Vorágine Crítica and that has been recognized in the call for subsidies from Santander Creativa.

The work addresses the story of two women, mother and daughter, in their attempt to recover the remains of their loved ones, victims of war violence. Admission is free until capacity is reached. They symbolize the suffering of thousands of women who, due to the fact of “being union members, workers and/or belonging to feminist organizations or simply mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, colleagues or friends of Republicans, were punished by having their heads shaved during the war and the post-war, to which was added the repression during 40 years of dictatorship and the oblivion during another 40 years of democracy.

Already in December, the cycle will continue on the 20th at the Filmoteca de Cantabria with the documentary ‘The Lost Letters’, by the director Amparo Climent and the renowned producer Pilar Sancho, who has been producing different film and theater projects for more than 10 years and has participated in international co-productions and in the development of feature films such as ‘The Longest Distance’, nominated for the 2015 Goya for Best Ibero-American Film and winner of the 2015 Platinum Award for Monjuic Entertainment.

The cast of the documentary, which will serve to close this edition of ‘Cine without fog’, is made up of actresses as recognized by critics as Marisa Paredes, Alba Flores, Julieta Serrano, Nora Navas, Luisa Gavasa and Tina Sainz, among others. Additionally, the story is narrated by the singer and actress Ana Belén. The film shows an emotional journey based on real letters, unpublished files, documents and testimonies of women who were retaliated against during the Franco regime. The entrance fee is 3 euros. This screening has the collaboration of the La Llave Azul association. ‘Cinema without fog’ began in August and since then has organized viewings and meetings under the same nexus: ‘Eliminate the red gene. The double repression of women’.

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