Five dead and one missing due to the storm in Italy

Five people dead and one missing leaves the passage of the storm ‘Ciarán’ through Italy, which has hit the region of Tuscany, where, according to its president, Eugenio Giani, rainfall was recorded “that had not been seen in more than a hundred years ». There are around 40,000 people without electricity in their homes due to the very heavy rains, which have caused enormous material damage in the provinces of Prato, Livorno and Florence. The Arno, the river that flows through the Tuscan capital, is being monitored at all times as its course is expected to reach a maximum level shortly after midday.

“There has been a water bomb, that is, a concentration of rain in a very short time,” lamented Giani, pointing out that the situation in Livorno could have been even worse without the recent work carried out to clean the course of some boulevards. On the coast of Livorno Civil Protection estimates that in just three hours about 200 millimeters of water fell, while in other coastal towns in the area, such as Viareggio, strong storm surges were recorded. The heavy rain caused numerous flooding in homes and even in several hospitals, as occurred in the towns of Pontedera, Prato and Borgo San Lorenzo. In much of Tuscany, schools did not open this Friday to try to reduce population movements and avoid risks.

Matteo Biffone, mayor of Prato, said he was “shocked” after checking the damage that the rains had left in his city. «It was like a punch in the stomach, a pain that makes you want to cry. But after an afternoon and a night of devastation, we will roll up our sleeves to clean, fix and return the city to normality,” the councilor of this provincial capital of nearly 200,000 inhabitants said on social media.

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, assured that she was following the evolution of the situation in Tuscany “with apprehension” and showed her “deep condolences” for the fatalities caused by the storm. The Government plans to declare a state of emergency today, as announced by the Minister of Civil Protection, Nello Musumeci. Once the bureaucratic procedures are completed, a special commissioner will be appointed for 12 months in charge of managing the aid and promoting the necessary interventions so that the affected municipalities return to normality.

«Something has happened in Tuscany that should not have happened. It has been a kind of hurricane with unprecedented violence. A lot of water has fallen in a very short time, which means that the rivers overflow and flood everything around them,” lamented Musumeci, who assured that he was in “constant contact” with the regional authorities.

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