Marijuana production laboratory in a house north of Figueres

An investigation of the Mossos d’Esquadra de la Generalitat of Catalonia served to detect illicit activities and, specifically, drug production aimed at trafficking, which took place in a house in Vilabertran, northeast of Figueres (Catalonia), very close to the border that divides Spain and France.

Seized plants / cops

The facts came to light thanks to the fact that those investigated were fraudulently hooked to power lines public, thereby causing a serious loss to the company, given the very high consumption generated by its laboratory for the production of marijuana.

Drying area / cops

As part of the search, the officials, who arrested the two alleged perpetrators, seized more than 600 plants, three kilos of buds already separated and all the necessary material for the generation of the drug.

The infrastructure had a separate area for growth of the plants and another, in the kitchen, which served as a drying room, to prepare the final product.

Seized buds / cops

The entrance Marijuana production laboratory in a house north of Figueres was first published in Narcodiary.

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