Santoña will build an underground parking lot in the courtyard of the Macías Picavea school

The lack of parking is an endemic evil that Santoña suffers without a solution until now. The latest local governments have announced with great fanfare projects to alleviate the parking shortage that the municipality suffers, especially in summer, without any of them having jumped from paper to reality.

Not having municipal land has led the latest Government teams to propose various actions such as an underground car park in the area around the Plaza de Abastos or another high-rise car park in the old Carmen quarry. Regarding the latter, even the Government of Cantabria drafted a project last term to be executed in several phases, at a cost of 1.4 million euros at its expense, promising that it would be ready by 2022. But nothing at all.

Now, the new leaders (Santoñeses and PP) have ruled out high-rise parking in Carmen and are committed to building an underground parking lot in the area of ​​Sor María del Carmen street and the courtyard of the Macías Picavea public school. It has been promoted as the star project of the legislature and to make it a reality, the financial support of the regional Executive is essential.

The Minister of Development, Roberto Media, in a meeting with the mayor of Santoña, Jesús Gullart; and the Councilor for Works and Urban Planning, Ricardo Fernández; has committed to carrying out this action in the fishing village. The processing has to start from scratch, so the Ministry has announced the drafting of the construction project, which will have 175 places. However, at the moment, neither investment nor deadlines have been set.

The intervention is expected to be more ambitious since the City Council’s purpose is to proceed, in a complementary manner, to the redevelopment of the surface above the parking lot, enabling a public space, which will include a covered children’s playground. “This work will serve to solve the parking problems that the town has historically suffered,” said Media.

The other announcement that the Ministry has made is that it is going to contract a structural study of the first bridge on the CA-241 (road of the bridges) through which you access Santoña to decide whether to proceed with its rehabilitation or a parallel one must be carried out.

This is an action that was already processed by the previous regional government following the request of the Santoña City Council to create a pedestrian walkway to guarantee safe access to the municipal shelter through this first bridge. The Public Works technicians, already in November 2021, concluded that it was necessary to “reinforce the pillars of the first bridge since they are in worse condition than expected and to ensure greater durability.”

The problem arose when we learned that to carry out this reinforcement it is necessary to close this section of the road to road traffic for almost a year. A measure that did not convince the City Council, since it considers that “it is a long time of paralysis.”

To avoid the closure of the road for a year, the Government reported that it was considering building a parallel bridge, next to the current one. Since then nothing has been known or moved about this project. Now, the new regional Executive is going to commission a study to see if it rehabilitates it or does a parallel one.

Rental housing

Santoña is one of the seven municipalities in Cantabria where Official Protection Housing (VPO) will be built on a rental basis for young people. Specifically, in the municipality, 28 homes will be built on the municipal plot located in the Casa de Los Maestros area, in the Santoñuca neighborhood, which is currently used as a parking lot.

As for minor projects, renovation works will be undertaken on the sidewalks on Méndez Núñez and Reguera Sevilla streets and Juan de la Cosa street will be paved. In addition, the degraded space on Virgen del Carmen Street, in the old quarry, will be converted into a garden area.

After the meeting, Gullart and Fernández pointed out that “we are satisfied and happy because the star project of this legislature, which is the park and ride and the redevelopment of the surface, is moving forward and that is a great joy.”

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