The recent robberies in Villaescusa “speed up” the installation of cameras

Hector Ruiz

Friday, November 3, 2023, 2:02 p.m.

“A resident of Villanueva has been visited by foreign friends,” the mayor of Villaescusa, Constantino Fernández, made known these days through his communication channels. Unfortunately, it is not the only recent incursion of thieves in the municipality. “Thefts are increasing considerably in the area,” the councilor also added in this regard, encouraging the population to “take extreme precautions.” The City Council will collaborate with the deployment of video surveillance throughout the municipality, a project that has been planned for a long time and will be “expedited” given the frequent thefts.

To date, the cameras are only present in a very specific point in Villaescusa, covering the La Concha service area where the Town Hall is located, the Marcial Solana Public School, the doctor’s office and the sports complex. These facilities were the focus of regular vandalism attacks that have been greatly reduced since the image recording system was implemented. Now they want to transfer this same effect to other hot spots in Villaescusa, specifically the objective is to shield the entrances and exits of the municipal area. To do this, we will focus on placing “intelligent devices with license plate reading” to control vehicles entering or leaving the municipality.

The installation of the system, which is connected to the Civil Guard so that they can view the recordings in the event of any incident, would have an expense, the City Council estimates, of “75,000 euros or even slightly more.” The mayor has the idea of ​​moving forward with the hiring file, although before carrying it out he has asked the neighbors in his communication channels if they agree with the measure. An initiative that Fernández defends in view of the fact that it is “a commitment to neighborhood safety” since “being a video-surveillance municipality has a deterrent component”, while at the same time he stressed that “it is not about constantly controlling the neighbors because none “A person linked to the City Council can view the cameras.”

On the other hand, the councilor stated that he has requested the Civil Guard to increase the surveillance patrols they carry out in the municipality. At the same time, he insisted to the population on the convenience of “not keeping valuable jewelry or cash in their homes” and recalled that it is necessary to notify the Civil Guard by calling 062 “in case of any suspicion.”

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