War in Gaza: Last minute of the war between Hamas and Israel


Gaza authorities say more than 620 people with foreign passports could leave

The authorities of the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), indicated this Friday that more than 620 people with foreign passports have received authorization to leave the enclave through the Rafah crossing today. on the border with Egypt.

The General Authority for Crossings and Borders in the Gaza Strip, dependent on the Gaza Ministry of the Interior, has noted in separate documents published on its account on the social network Facebook that among the people with permission there are 367 with American nationality, which represents more than half of the total.

Added to them are 127 people with a British passport, 51 with a British passport, 50 with a French passport, 19 with an Italian passport, five with an Indonesian passport and two with a Mexican passport, who could leave the enclave on the third consecutive day of opening to allow departures. of wounded, sick and foreigners.

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