Bridal guide to organize your ‘B-Day’ step by step

You know that you are made for each other and you have decided to celebrate it. You are getting married! In this schedule we tell you everything you have to take into account to make your day perfect. Every wedding is different and so is every couple, but if you follow these steps nothing can go wrong. Adapt each point to your idea and, above all, enjoy each decision.

Normally you have already chosen a day, but many times we depend on the dates that are available at the farms or places that you like. It is important to know the number of guests.

You have to decide what type of ceremony you want: religious, civil, symbolic… and then the place where you would like to celebrate it and see what dates are available.

If you celebrate a religious wedding, you have to process the file six months before the celebration. In the church where you officiate the ceremony, they will tell you the steps you have to follow. If you are getting married civilly, you must go to the Civil Registry of the town where you are going to organize the ceremony and they will indicate all the necessary procedures.

This part takes time. You have to first think about the wedding you want to have. The number of guests, the type of food, the party… Depending on all these things and some more, your ‘wedding planner’ will show you the places that fit your idea.

You have to decide which invitation you want and, from there, the decoration will be decided. Then, all the stationery and style of the day will match the invitation, which will be delivered five to three months before the ceremony.

  1. ‘Setting’ wedding plan

Once you have confirmed the guests, you have to make the tables. This cannot be decided until fifteen days before the wedding so as not to work in vain.

If you want to have a party the day before the event, you must reserve the place as soon as possible and notify the attendees when you send the invitation.

Once you have chosen the date, time and place, you have to think about choosing witnesses and/or bridesmaids, who must be notified in advance. Depending on the clothes the groom is wearing, the male witnesses must be dressed according to his style. For example, if the groom is wearing a morning suit, all male witnesses must wear one.

After choosing the witnesses, you must choose who will be the pages or children of the pledge and notify their parents at least six months in advance. The bride usually decides the clothing of these children.

Once the invitations have been delivered, you have to start with the floral arrangements. Calling the florist means starting with the decoration.

You should start looking at them three months before the wedding. On occasion, couples buy them earlier than expected and on the day of the wedding they may be a little big, so it is best to have them a month before the wedding, as well as the earnest money.

If there are guests from outside Cantabria, you have to know well in advance how many will come to celebrate your day to reserve hotels. Depending on where you want to group them, a price will be requested from several establishments so that you can decide which ones you want to suggest your guests stay at.

Transportation is very important in the organization of any wedding so that everyone can enjoy it peacefully. Remember that right now it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask.

To choose the photographer and cameraman you must first see their work. Once your availability is confirmed, you must tell them your idea and adjust your budget. The current trend is narrative photography.

Here you have to think about the car that will take the bride to the best man; the car that will take the groom to the godmother; the car that will take the parents who are not godparents…

On the day of the wedding you have to have the vows prepared that you are going to read to each other. They are very emotional when they are a surprise for the other person.

You have to decide the type of souvenir you want to give to the guests. Retail stores receive the new collections starting in February, it is recommended that you wait until this date to decide.

You have to think that music will be needed at various moments of the celebration: the ceremony, the cocktail, the entrance to the dining room, the cutting of the cake, details, surprise gifts, and the party after the banquet. Based on this, you must decide what type of performance you want, whether that of a DJ or you prefer to hire live music to offer a unique and exclusive concert.

Another thing you have to think about is if you want to cut the cake or if you prefer a different cake than the one the restaurant offers. As long as it allows it, you can hire a cake with the design or ingredients you want.

This fun service is very trendy. You can put it at the party so that your guests can take photos and take home a souvenir of your day. And also, as a novelty, the 360-degree platform. Through a QR code your guests will have the video in a matter of seconds.

You have to think about the children who are invited to offer a plan for them. Face painting, gymkhana, balloon twisting…

You can do this part of your big day calmly, visiting agencies, comparing prices and reserving flights. The minimum recommended time is three months before the wedding.

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