Santander grants construction license for a development of 86 homes in Peñacastillo

The Santander City Council has granted a building permit for the construction of a new building with 86 homes in sector 3, specifically on José Ortega y Gasset street, Peñacastillo.

This new residential project will involve a private investment of 15 million euros and will become the largest residential building under construction in the city, among the 23 developments currently underway for nearly 650 homes in total, the company reported in a statement. Consistory.

The works will begin “soon” and the City Council has highlighted the “impulse” to the construction of new housing that is taking place in the city, as well as the contribution of this project to the generation of economic activity and employment.

The City Council has indicated that the construction of these developments “complements the municipal commitment to the promotion of protected housing in the municipality, which will continue with the construction of nearly 300 new ones for Santander families.”

The new development on José Ortega y Gasset Street will consist of 86 homes, with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, and penthouses with terraces, and will offer commercial ground floors, in a building distributed over 4 portals and six floors.

It will have Energy Efficiency ‘A’, Sate façade and all homes will have a parking space and storage room; They will be functional, bright and with underfloor heating.

This license is added to those that have been granted in recent months for the construction of 13 single-family homes in San Román; 18 in Ojaiz; 68 in Peñacastillo; 7 in Somonte; 16 in El Mazo, 12 in San Pedro del Mar, 16 more on Avenida de Cantabria, 6 single-family homes in Canto Cercado, 10 in La Pereda; 4 in Ernest Lluch, 21 on Alta Street, 32 homes in La Llanilla, or the 82 on Avenida del Voluntariado (Peñacastillo).

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