He stabs a Jewish woman in Lyon and paints a swastika

A young Jewish woman was stabbed yesterday at noon by a masked man who broke into her apartment in Lyon. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating whether it was an anti-Semitic attack since, as confirmed by the city’s mayor, a swastika had been painted on the door. The woman was taken to the emergency room with two bleeding wounds in her abdomen, but her life is not in danger.

As a police source explained to ‘Le Monde’, the young woman was alone in her house when the doorbell rang insistently. She opened the door and then a hooded man entered her apartment and stabbed her before fleeing. The victim said that she called her cousin, who notified the emergency services and rushed to the home. She noticed the swastika painted on the door.

The victim had the mezuzah on his door, the parchment with two verses from the Torah that identified his faith. However, sources close to the investigation warned that “it is too early to attribute the attack to an anti-Semitic act and that other avenues are being studied.” The Police study the victim’s surroundings.

The mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, reported on his account on the social network home”. He called “such an outpouring of violence unspeakable” and expressed his full support for the victim.

Regardless of what the investigations determine, the stabbing increases fears in a France that is in a state of maximum terrorist alert since the Hamas attack on October 7 against the population of Israel. The police and military presence has been reinforced in the country, where a notable Jewish community resides. Already in October, the French were shocked by the murder of Professor Dominique Bernard in Arras at the hands of a Russian radicalized to Islam. Not only France is in tension but fear of anti-Semitic attacks has spread throughout the West and several countries have increased public security.

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