Fines do not prevent 3 out of 10 drivers from holding their phone behind the wheel

Monday, November 6, 2023, 04:01

Once again, despite the risk it entails and the loss of 6 license points that it entails, the most numerous offense continues to be driving while holding a mobile phone in your hand, with 33.1% of the complaints made.

Specifically, of the 6,719 complaints filed by agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard during the last week, 2,223 were for manually using the mobile phone while driving.

From the DGT They also remember that we can be fined simply for holding the phone in our hand, since it is not necessary for us to be talking or reading a message to become offenders.

As is usual, after driving distracted by the mobile phone, the most frequent infractions continue to be fastening the seat belt while driving, generally when they have been seen by the agents and for which 442 drivers have been sanctioned, or the use of helmets or headphones connected to sound reproducing devices, other than mobile phones, a conduct that is prohibited because it also represents a distraction while driving and for which 273 drivers have been sanctioned.

Other actions most committed that involve distraction while driving are reading (134), searching for objects (93), being distracted by other vehicle occupants (71) or driving while eating (48).

In addition to all these specific actions, the agents filed 1,198 complaints for other violations that caused distracted driving.

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