Marcos Díez, Gema Constanza and Mar Bolado, Entrepreneurs Cantabria 2023

The Cantabria Entrepreneur Awards from El Diario Montañés once again highlight the role of SMEs in the regional economy. In this eighth edition, the recognition goes to Marcos Díez, co-founder and manager of Soincon, as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’; The ‘Entrepreneurial Woman’ award goes to Gema Constanza, founder and CEO of Heve Moda; and the recognition for ‘Career’ goes to Mar Bolado, founder and CEO of FlechArchery.

The awards ceremony will take place at a gala that will be held next November 14 in the Pereda room of the Palacio de Festivales, at 7:30 p.m.


Soincon is a technology company, expert in the development of software solutions, integration of industrial systems and LEAN Manufacturing. They seek to improve the productivity of industries through technological innovation.

Heve Moda is a low-cost women’s fashion store. They design and manufacture unique clothing, footwear and accessories.

This edition highlights the professional career of Mar Bolado, at the head of FlechArchery, the largest archery equipment manufacturing company in Europe. Ella Bolado was an athlete before she was a businesswoman and the difficulty in finding the material she needed was what motivated her to found this company, which is a world leader in its sector and the first to launch a line of specifically designed footwear.

The jury has deliberated taking into account the entrepreneurial spirit of the candidates, their principles and their corporate and innovative culture, growth prospects, positive stimulation in the economy and society of Cantabria in a significant way, social responsibility and the promotion of Equality, among other aspects.

Regional socio-economic change

This recognition, which was born in 2016, is aimed at people from the business world in Cantabria who are committed and characterized by their initiatives and contributions to change and regional socio-economic improvement, investing time and resources to improve the image of the region abroad. as well as being a source of inspiration for others.

The selection criteria taken into account are the creation of stable employment, the evolution of the company’s profits, the volume of the investment made, the innovative nature of the business project, the degree of national and international projection, responsibility and the social values ​​of the company, good practices in business management, the degree of involvement in business associations and enhancing people’s talent and integration into the labor market.

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