Piélagos does a double in Punta de Parayas in the Regional club cross country

Marco García Vidart

Monday, November 6, 2023, 1:16 p.m.

A clear victory in the men’s category, with a 17-point margin over the second classified team, and even more among the women, since their athletes dominated without opposition a test in which only two squads participated. Piélagos did a double in the Regional club cross country, which took place at the Cross Punta de Parayas. Their athletes also won the individual race. Irene Pelayo and Santiago Cobo were at the top of the table on a blue-tinged morning.

Punta de Parayas awaited the participants in its best clothes, after a week of rain and storms one after the other. And after the passage of many athletes from various categories throughout the morning, there was some area converted into one of the typical ‘chocolates’ of the course.

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In the women’s event there was little or no emotion. With only Piélagos and Inficant-Villa de Noja in the running, the blues controlled the race at all times and Irene Pelayo, Margarita Fuentes-Pila and Zulema Fuentes-Pila entered together – the victory went to Pelayo for a second – and saluting in goal.

The men’s event, with many more teams competing, was somewhat more disputed. But Santiago Cobo and the great legend of cross-regional, Javier Crespo, put the ground in between to cross the finish line hand in hand, with Cobo as the winner. Those 1 and 2 points already gave the blues many options, which were joined by Rodrigo Andueza’s 5 and Adrián Rodríguez’s 9, who closed the scoring for Piélagos.

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