Pope’s Health: The Pope refuses to read a speech before the rabbis: “Today I am not in good health”

Pope Francis, who will turn 87 on December 17, caused alarms to go off about his physical condition by stating this Monday during a meeting with a delegation of European rabbis that “he was not in good health,” which is why he preferred not reading the speech he planned to give them, giving them the text on paper. Despite the initial concern that this situation aroused, the Pontiff continued without major setbacks with the busy schedule of meetings that he had planned for the morning.

After meeting with the European rabbis, he held an audience with a group of volunteers from a Sicilian charitable association, to whom he dedicated a read speech, and met for about 40 minutes with the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonés. , who did not notice that the Pope was particularly ill. «The conversation has taken place completely normally. “I am convinced that it could have been a small indisposition and that it is nothing serious,” said Aragonés.

Given the concern generated by Francis’ words before the delegation of rabbis, the Vatican spokesperson, Matteo Bruni, clarified in a note that the Pontiff had only felt the effects of “a little cold” during a long day of audiences. «He wanted to greet the European rabbis individually and that is why he delivered the speech. On the other hand, the Pope’s activities continue regularly,” Bruni explained. In addition to the rest of the morning hearings, Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s agenda this Monday highlights the meeting he plans to hold this afternoon in the Paul VI Hall with around 7,000 children from 84 different countries.

After his hospitalizations in March and June of this year, Francisco has shown that he is fully recovered in health, traveling to Portugal, Mongolia and Marseille in recent months. During the month of October he faced the marathon of meetings of the Synod on Synodality, in which representatives of the entire Catholic Church debated the future of the Catholic community, while at the beginning of December he plans to travel to Dubai to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP28).

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