Reinosa businessman José Parte Calleja dies

Gonzalo Sellers

Sunday, November 5, 2023

The historic Cantabrian businessman José Parte Calleja, one of the pioneers of the transport and automotive sector in Cantabria, died yesterday at the age of 95. A native of Reinosa, he was a founding member of the Cantabria Transport Business Group (Aetrac) in 1977 and was the owner of the company Transportes Parte, with a large fleet of trucks that had been transporting goods, especially dangerous goods, in Spain and for 30 years. in other countries. His involvement in the sector earned him the plaque of honor from the Confederation of Freight Transport at the national level.

José Parte Callejo.

Image - José Parte Callejo.

Parte Calleja also managed for years the gas station located at the entrance to Reinosa, in addition to the Seat dealerships in Torrelavega and Reinosa and the Volkswagen dealerships throughout Cantabria.

Orphaned by his father at the age of 5, he very soon had to go to work to help his widowed mother and his two little brothers. As soon as he returned from the military, he reopened the bleach manufacturing business that his father, years before, had created in a location in Reinosa.

The general secretary of Aetrac, Gerardo Pontón, remembers that until a year and a half ago he continued to go down to Santander, driving himself from Reinosa, to attend the group’s meetings and assemblies. «He was very committed, very involved with the sector. Despite his age, he had incredible lucidity, it was a pleasure to talk to him and the relationship was always very good,” he highlights.

The former mayor of Reinosa José Miguel Barrio agrees that Parte Calleja was always “very appreciated in Reinosa.” «He was a regular at the Golden Calf, which he won on one occasion, and he always reminded me how my father gave him private mathematics lessons. “He made himself a businessman,” he points out.

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