The protest in front of Ferraz against the amnesty ends with charges and tear gas

The protest against the amnesty in front of the national headquarters of the PSOE on Ferraz Street in Madrid ended this Monday night with police charges and the firing of gunshots and tear gas by riot police to prevent the gathered crowd – around 3,800 people – from according to the Government Delegation – will overcome the police cordon that protected the emblematic building of the socialists. Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, and the vice president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, from the same party, attended that demonstration, which was not communicated to the Delegation.

“Attacking the PSOE headquarters is attacking democracy and all those who believe in it,” Pedro Sánchez wrote on social networks after the first charges in Ferraz. Likewise, he expressed all his “affection” and “support” for the “socialist militancy that is suffering from the harassment of the reactionaries in the people’s homes”, while asserting that “no one will be able to intimidate the PSOE.”

The concentration in Madrid, in which there were at least two people arrested – they are accused of disobedience and attack against authority – was undoubtedly the most massive and conflictive of the day – there were also incidents in Seville, although minor -, but not It was far from the only one. Thousands of people demonstrated this Monday afternoon/night in front of thirty PSOE headquarters throughout Spain to show their rejection of the amnesty law that the socialists are trying to close with the Catalan independentists to gain their support for Pedro’s investiture. Sanchez. Of course, some protests in front of the socialist premises from which the Popular Party expressly distanced itself.

The protests in front of the PSOE buildings – unlike the protests in recent days in the vicinity of socialist premises which have been more or less spontaneous – did have a visible promoter this time. This is Revuelta, the unregistered youth association, born last September in the heat of the beginning of the socialists’ negotiations with Junts and ERC for the investiture and which is very close to Vox, although in their statutes they claim to be independent of any formation policy.

A 15-M of the right

This group, which aims to promote a sort of new 15-M but on the right and which claims to fight against “separatism, corruption, anti-family policies and individualism”, called to demonstrate this Monday shouting “let’s keep up the pressure on the streets against this traitorous Government.

The most massive and violent protest called by Revuelta through social networks was Madrid. In the vicinity of an armored socialist national headquarters and under the motto ‘Rodea Ferraz’, among others, Santiago Abascal (the first leading national politician to join the protests of said association) gathered, who blamed the minister of Acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to “order” the National Police to confront “ordinary Spaniards who demand unity and law.” «We have a duty to be on the street. “We are facing a coup d’état (referring to the amnesty for independentists already convicted or prosecuted),” the Vox leader justified his attendance.

It was there, after several attacks by the protesters to try to break the cordon, when the members of the Police Intervention Units (UIP, anti-riot), decided after 9:30 p.m. to charge into the crowd due to the risk that The crowd managed to reach the facade of the socialist headquarters.

The scenes of the rest of the protests, much less heated, were Barcelona – especially protected by the Mossos -, Badajoz, Oviedo, Pamplona, ​​El Puerto de Santa María, Algeciras and San Fernando (Cádiz), Salamanca, Granada, Málaga, Seville, Jaén, Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Murcia, Huelva, Ponferrada (León), León, Ávila, Palma, Tenerife, Albacete, Vigo or Valladolid, among other points. None of these demonstrations were communicated to the respective delegations and subdelegations of the Government, so they did not have authorization to hold them.

In all of them, in addition to Spanish flags (some pre-constitutional), slogans against the Government and insults against the head of the Executive, in particular, were heard. “Traitor”, “coup plotter”, “Sánchez to prison”, were some of the slogans, banners and slogans present in the concentrations that, except in Madrid, took place peacefully. In any case, there was a strong police presence in most capitals to prevent protesters from approaching socialist premises.

guinea fowl and eggs

And some of the PSOE headquarters (such as Las Palmas, Donosti, Madrid, Fuengirola, Ronda, La Línea or Valladolid, among others) have suffered attacks with paint or eggs in recent hours, as well as graffiti against the amnesty law.

After what happened, the PSOE demanded that the “Popular Party – despite its distancing from these latest protests – and its allies on the neo-fascist extreme right condemn these attacks” and, according to said formation, “the cries against the Constitution, the Head of State , the president of the Government and in favor of the dictator Franco, which are repeated in rallies called by far-right groups, and are even attended by former regional presidents of the Popular Party,” in reference to Esperanza Aguirre, who led one of the first protests. in Ferraz.

Beyond the Revuelta concentrations and waiting for the formal calls for Sunday of the PP in all the provincial capitals against the amnesty, another concentration has especially raised blisters in the PSOE. This is the mayor of the PP in the Valladolid town of Tordesillas, who has called on his neighbors to demonstrate this Tuesday in front of the socialists’ headquarters in the municipality.

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