200 kilos of marijuana buds are seized in an old hotel in the interior of Pontevedra

La Guardia Civil de Lalín (Pontevedra, Spain) arrested two people and investigates a company for an alleged crime against public healthfor cultivation and trafficking of narcotics, involving more than 200 kilograms of dried buds ready for distribution, as well as 703 cannabis plants in the drying process.

All the material was seized after a search carried out in a property, an old hotel located in the town of Lalín. In turn, it was located a second infrastructure inside a warehouse once used for breeding birdsin the neighboring municipality of Silleda, with all the essential elements for growing cannabis, including portable cultivation cabins, extractors, dehumidifiers, temperature control and a surveillance system.

The beginning of the investigation occurred with the verification of industrial cannabis cultivation by a company. The Civil Guard exchanged information with the Xunta de Galicia through the Rural Environment Department and the Agricultural Operations Service, in charge of the administration of documentation and permits.

The plants, in the drying room / Civil Guard

The operation directed by the senior judge of the court of first instance and instruction of Lalín, determined the existence of two companies whose “legal activity” would be the cultivation of industrial hemp, which would be a perfect cover for the obtaining and subsequent distribution of plant parts considered narcotic., the already dried buds, asserting fraudulent documentation about the existence of supposed seeds certified by the European Union. The plants already germinated for the harvesting of cannabis flowers escaped the controls of the community and the Rural Environment Department.

The modus operandi consisting of the cultivation, drying, transportation, processing and distribution of cannabis and its derivatives was carried out from the towns of Silleda and Lalín, where It was distributed nationwide through parcel shipments. The company administrator had convinced the neighbors who witnessed the activity that the cultivation of the plants was a legal activity, which was carried out for medicinal purposes.

With the exploitation of the operation, a search is carried out, intervening 703 plants in the drying process and around 200 kilos of stored buds, electrical cultivation material, vacuum packaging machines, an electric de-thrower, other types of supposedly narcotic substances imported from countries from the European Union and non-EU countries, packaging, dehumidifiers, fans, extractors with soundproof boxes, grow tents, suspended bud drying nets for indoors, irrigation system, precision scales, vacuum thermo-sealing machines, vacuum packaging machine, ventilation system tubes, in addition to having photovoltaic panels for external assistance to high electricity consumption and a drying warehouse.

With this investigation, a nationwide point of sale for narcotic substances is dismantled.
The detainees, two men aged 60 and 34, with police records and addresses in La Rioja and Lalín, one were released at police headquarters and the other at the disposal of the judge, who released them with charges.

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