A father and his 7-year-old son missing since Friday are found dead in Navarra

This Tuesday, the Civil Guard found the bodies of a father and his 7-year-old son in the Sierra de Urbasa, in Navarra, who had been missing since Monday in Estella. The bodies have been recovered and are transferred to the Navarro Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, in Pamplona, ​​for their autopsy. The investigation rules out for now that they suffered an accident. It would point to a possible case of vicarious violence (harming ex-partners through their children) considering that the father’s action could have been intentional.

The mother, divorced from the child’s father for just over two years and well known in the Navarrese town – she ran a store there – filed a complaint yesterday, when early in the afternoon she went to the ikastola to pick up the child. his son and they informed him that he had not attended class. Before appearing at the police station, the woman tried without success to contact her ex-partner.

A search device made up of members of the Civil Guard, Firefighters, Foral Police and Environmental Guard was deployed in the Sierra de Urbasa to try to locate them.

The van used by the father was found on Monday on Pilatos’ balcony, a viewpoint of the mountains. The vehicle was open, with the keys in it and the mobile phone inside, according to Diario de Navarra. The man, a 53-year-old resident of Igúzquiza, who worked in the construction industry, had not shown up for work.

Neighbors in the area collaborated in the tracking, which covered points such as the Source of the Urederra. This Tuesday, the lifeless bodies of both were spotted from a helicopter in an area that is difficult to access.

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