A hundred Moroccans who tried to jump the Melilla fence are rejected

A hundred migrants of Moroccan origin tried to access Melilla this Monday night by jumping the double fence that separates this Spanish city from Morocco, although all of them were ultimately rejected. The incident was confirmed by the Government Delegation, which places this “attempt to approach the border perimeter in the vicinity of Barrio Chino”, while adding that it was aborted by the Security Forces of the neighboring country.

However, as a result of this episode, the Civil Guard will maintain the security device deployed “as a preventive measure in case a similar situation occurs in the coming hours,” added a spokesperson for the Delegation. For their part, police sources have also highlighted that on the Moroccan side they have deployed a special device in case the attempt to overcome the fence that gives access to Spanish territory persists throughout the early morning.

riot gear

Likewise, the same government institution has indicated that the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces, known as the ‘Mejannis’, have had to use anti-riot material to stop this large group of migrants when they were heading to the Melilla fence. This is the reason, as they pointed out, why loud explosions have been heard from both sides of the valley.

Meanwhile, on the Spanish side, several Civil Guard vehicles immediately headed to the area as soon as the attempt began, around 11:00 p.m. this Monday. They were prepared to act, although in the end it was not necessary because the migrants were rejected in the same Moroccan territory by the security forces of that country.

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