Arrested while trying to unload cocaine in the bay of Algeciras

Staff of the Customs Surveillance Service based in Campo de Gibraltar, they carried out an operation in the last few hours that has resulted in the seizure of numerous bales of drugs and several detainees, with the surprise that the substance seized was not hashish, but cocaine.

The agents, who thought they were pursuing an organization that intended to introduce the cannabis derivative from Morocco, realized that the bales were not hashish, something very unusual at that point, since they were unloaded on one of the beaches in the bay of Algeciras by a drug boat of those commonly used to transport the aforementioned drug that is produced in the mountains of North Africa to Spain.

This new discovery, together with the recent accidents in the area between drug boats in merchant transit areas and the operation in which two people were caught red-handed throwing cocaine and jumping into the water themselves in the Strait point to a new trend, that of the introduction of South American drugs directly through the Campo de Gibraltar.

The operative / AFVA

The entrance Arrested while trying to unload cocaine in the bay of Algeciras was first published in Narcodiary.

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