“I was fed up with her, I couldn’t stand her anymore,” confessed the man accused of murdering his landlady in Santander

The national police officers who responded to the alert call from Adela Corral, the woman who lost her life at the hands of her tenant Guillermo Bruces on February 18, 2022 in her home in Marqués de la Hermida (Santander), agreed this Tuesday on that the accused was “very calm” after committing the crime, despite the fact that during his statement he stated that he had been smoking cocaine all day. «He was fed up with her, he couldn’t stand her anymore. “You can take me now,” the accused confessed to the agents when they managed to access the interior of the house.

Four of these national police officers appeared this Tuesday in the second session of the jury trial held in the First Section of the Provincial Court of Cantabria, under the presidency of Judge Paz Aldecoa.

The first of them has reported that on the day in question they received a notice from the 091 room reporting that a woman said that her roommate had gagged her. «We knocked on the door, but there was no answer and no noise could be heard. The silence was total. Then we contacted the next-door neighbor to see if we could see anything from her home or access the victim’s home. But there was no access. Given this circumstance, the agents asked the 091 room to call Adela, while they focused on continuing knocking on the door of her house, “but there was no answer,” until, after a few minutes, they heard a noise, “type sob”. Then they called the firefighters, who opened the door.

When the officers entered the house, they found the defendant standing in the hallway. “I took him into her room and there he told me that he had done it because the lady bothered him and he was fed up with her.” “I saw him very calm,” he explained when asked by the prosecutor and before pointing out that he found a knife on the floor, with which the accused said he had cut the pieces of cloth to tie and gag the victim. «Then I saw the woman lying on the bed. She was tied hand and foot and with a gag around her neck.

After this story, the lawyer for the private prosecution asked the agent if when they were notified from the 091 room they were informed that Adela, in her call for help, asked them to go quickly to the home because her tenant wanted to kill her. “No, they told us that.” And how long did it take the firefighters to come to the home after you arrived? “About twenty minutes.” And the door was locked? “No, just with the slip.”

The defense, as part of its strategy to obtain mitigation for drug addiction and the incomplete defense of mental alteration, asked the police officer if they found in the accused’s room a spoon with which he burned the cocaine and a bottle converted into a pipette. “I did not see it. “There was everything in the room, it was an absolute disaster.”

The second agent to testify, who was one of the last to access the house when the firefighters opened it, agreed with his partner that the notice only reported that the woman said she was restrained and gagged, not that they wanted to kill her. , at least he doesn’t remember it. «We knocked on the door several times, but no one opened. We put our ear to the door and heard something, but it couldn’t be discerned.

When they entered the home, it says that the defendant was found “sitting on the bed” and the victim “lying on the bed with no signs of being alive.” His face was bruised and his head was turned to one side. When I entered they had removed her restraints to assist her. Later, he stated that “the accused asked to be taken away, that he was fed up with the situation and that he couldn’t take it anymore.” “I saw him as normal, he was not upset, nor aggressive, nor uncontrolled,” this agent added to the prosecutor’s questions.

The third agent to testify was also surprised by the state the accused was in after ending the life of his landlady. «He wasn’t that nervous about what he had done. His condition was not consistent with what had happened. He was quite calm. Furthermore, he has stated that the next-door neighbor stated that day, before Adela called for help, that she “heard voices, although she did not give it much importance because she had already passed by before.” However, this neighbor declared in the first session of the trial that she did not hear anything that night: “I went to bed at eleven thirty or twelve (the call for help came at 2:42 a.m.).”

This national police officer has described Adela’s call as “strange” “because when someone is gagged it is impossible for them to contact someone by phone.” In any case, he has made it clear that they give credibility to all calls of this type they receive.

The last police officer (from the Scientific Police) to testify this Tuesday, who carried out the visual inspection, has detailed everything they found when they entered the home, such as “a spoon damaged by burning substances” on top of the accused’s bed, which he referenced by the defense attorney, a smoking pipette with a silver paper on top and a can of Volvone ammonia. Do you know what ammonia is used for? the defense asked him with the intention of getting him to answer that it was to manufacture the substance (or crack) that is then smoked. “I don’t know, I use it to clean,” the agent responded.

The trial will continue on Wednesday with the expert opinions and the possibility has been raised that the parties will issue their final reports, which would bring forward the jury’s verdict to Thursday.

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