Shareholders can now attend the capital increase

Racing’s small shareholders can now attend the capital increase approved at the General Meeting on September 23. The process was opened on October 25 and whose first phase will extend until the same day in November. A process in which interested parties will be able to maintain their ownership percentages after the club’s new managers, Manolo Higuera and Sebastián Ceria, covered the other necessary and urgent capital increase process to increase the team’s salary limit.

Thus, this new segment will have a total amount of 1,702,000 euros through the issuance of 340,000 titles. Shareholders may exercise their preemptive subscription right to maintain their presence in the property. And they can do so by depositing into the account ES84 0049 5400 4522 1634 6411 of Banco Santander, indicating the concept ‘Extension subscription’ and identifying themselves with their name, two surnames and ID. Proof of said payment must be delivered to the offices of the Sport Fields or sent by email to [email protected].

Once this first period has ended, a later period will be opened, lasting seven days for subscribers in the first phase who want to increase their share of the shareholding. In principle, the forecast is that the 1.7 million euros will not be covered. You don’t have to put in the entire amount. As far as it goes.

Shareholders who plan to participate in the process can find out the number of shares they currently have through the club, either in its offices, by telephone or email. The number of titles they have right now will be the maximum they can acquire in this first phase.

Sebastián Ceria likes to say that, as the owner of a football club, he becomes a “trustee” of the shareholder. Hence, this second expansion is more a form of respect for minorities than an economic operation. “The purpose of this second increase, in addition to capitalizing the company, is to try to guarantee the rights of the minority shareholder who wishes to maintain their shareholding quota,” explained the documentation prepared by Racing for Sunday’s Meeting. , since the acquisition of five million euros in shares by Sebman in the first of the increases has also consequently increased its shareholding percentage.

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