The Colombian writer Mónica Chamorro wins the Tristana Prize for fantasy novels with the work ‘Asunción’

The Colombian writer and professor at the University of Cali Mónica Chamorro Mejía has won the XVI Tristana Prize for fantasy novels, with the work titled ‘Asunción’.

The winning novel is articulated as a long story that plays with the old references of the gothic stories of Poe and Le Fanu, as well as with the already long romantic tradition of vampire literature, but updating it and transferring it to a setting rarely frequented by this type of stories, the Caribbean, building a singular narrative space that the jurors defined as “tropical gothic.”

The story is woven around a real figure, the Colombian modernist poet José Asunción Silva, but fleeing from his biography and real circumstances and using him as the axis of a fantastic genius that is easy to read and envelops the reader with its unique atmosphere.

The Councilor for Culture, Noemí Méndez, has announced the jury’s ruling regarding this municipal contest, consolidated as one of the main events for the genre in Spanish literature.

Part of its attraction for writers, he has assured, comes more than from the amount of the prize itself, currently 8,000 euros, from the possibility of publishing their novel in a serious, consolidated publishing house with wide prestige and projection such as Menoscuarto Ediciones. .

The winner

The qualifying jury, made up of the novelists Javier Montes, Pilar Ruiz and Germán Sierra, as well as the director of Menoscuarto, José Ángel Zapatero, and the municipal official Regino Mateo, as secretary without vote, led a lively debate between three of the works selected from the 9 finalists, finally resolving, by majority vote, in favor of ‘Asunción’.

Previously, the councilor highlighted, a reading committee selected the finalist works from among the 258 originals received from various points in Spain and Latin America.

As for the author, she holds a Doctorate in Literary and Theatrical Linguistic Studies from the University of Alcala de Henares, as well as a Magister in Language Didactics and Language Sciences from the Ca’ Foscari University (Venice). Her academic areas of interest span the plural approaches to language teaching, intercomprehension between languages ​​of the same family, and the teaching of Spanish as a mother tongue, a second language, and as a foreign language.

He has carried out research and teaching work for the Instituto Cervantes in Rome, for the Instituto Caro y Cuervo in Bogotá and for the LUISS University in Rome.

He is currently part of the teaching staff at the Javeriana University of Cali and the Universidad del Valle. She belongs to the GIELEN innovation group of the University of Alcalá and the INMIGRA-2 research group of the same university.

He received the Regional Short Story Prize from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (1998) and the First Prize in the Short Story Contest (2000). He has published the book of short stories Remedia amoris (Axis Mundi, 2010), the novel The art of evil dying (Calixta Editores, 2020) and the bilingual collection of poems La carne de Dios (Caligrama, 2021). She is also the author of essays and opinion articles published in the newspapers El Nuevo Liberal and El Tiempo, and in the magazine Semana.

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