The last relics of the Camp Nou

15,000 euros per carat, that is the price it will cost to obtain a piece of the old Camp Nou in the shape of a diamond. Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the company Brilianto, known for manufacturing diamonds in a sustainable way, has put on sale a line of jewelry based on the use of these precious stones that have been created with the grass from the last match that was played. in the stadium.

The collection, which has been named in honor of the date of the inauguration of the stadium 66 years ago, features a wide range of products, such as pins, bracelets, cufflinks or rings, all of them finished with a diamond.

A great sales success is expected with the ‘Etern Spotify Camp Nou 1957’, taking into account the sentimental value of diamonds for Barça fans and the interest in them in the Arab world and the Chinese market.

All of the diamonds that have been put up for sale have been created from the carbon of the grass on the playing field, all thanks to an environmentally sustainable process carried out by the Brilianto company. They have been perfecting it over the years in which they had already made other great collections such as the one they created with Pelé using his hair as a base or the one they made with Espanyol on the occasion of his 120th anniversary. .

The expected benefits of this initiative are around 30 million euros from the 1,957 jewels put up for sale, which will be divided between the company and the club with percentages that have not been disclosed.

This has been the latest initiative launched by the club, which uses all the resources it has in its hands to improve its economy, just as seats, signs, pieces of grass and pieces of net from the old club were put up for sale. Blaugrana temple.

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