The works of the Laredo Food Market will be delayed three months

The rehabilitation works of the Laredo Food Market building, whose completion was scheduled for January 11 of next year, will be delayed until the second quarter of 2024. The Ministry of Tourism assures that, despite the delay, the subsidy European Union of almost 600,000 euros destined to undertake these works will not be lost because they continue on schedule. The execution, which began last July, had to be stopped punctually due to the summer holidays, which is why it was already accumulating a first delay.

Once the remodeling of the building is completed, the market will be restored and will recover part of its original characteristics. Inside, the property will have new public bathrooms and the Camino de Santiago pilgrim service office, the rest of the space will be empty.

New ordinance

After the remodeling, it will be the turn of the Laredo City Council to put the market back into operation, for which it will have to draft a new regulatory ordinance that includes the new function of the space in relation to serving pilgrims. A task that, until now, the ordinance did not contemplate and that must now be regulated, as well as the use of the open space left by the first phase of the work. Number of stalls, typology, distribution and, most complex, whether the sellers who remained in the Food Market until the day of the eviction, and of whom many had been selling at their stalls for almost half a century, will have priority when it comes to recover their places or not. Five positions remained in the building until they were forced to abandon them at the beginning of the year.

In this sense, in the previous legislature the popular Pejinos, who at that time were in the opposition, presented a joint motion with Unidos x Laredo, Sí Se Podemos Laredo and Hacemos Laredo requesting to modify the ordinance to recognize the exceptional nature of the existing positions. in the market and that the merchants were relocated there after the works. Now, already in the government team – along with Ola Cantabria and the Izquierda Unida/ Podemos coalition – the mayor of the town Miguel González (PP) assures that “they are working on the new ordinance with the help of legal services to maintain their “commitment to the settlers once the execution has finished.”

For its part, the opposition affirms collectively that they have not been officially notified that work on the aforementioned document is being carried out. The spokesman for the regionalists, Pedro Diego Hoyo, goes further, maintaining that “renewing the concession of the settlers is illegal.” As he states, “the concessions are finite and cannot be extended.”

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