They release an elderly woman locked up by her son for three years in a room in Valladolid

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 12:52

The National Police arrested a man last Sunday afternoon as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of abuse in the family. A neighbor’s report to Room CIMACC 091 warned of a loud argument between a mother and a son in which bangs could be heard. The agents immediately went to the home, in the Delicias neighborhood, where an elderly woman reported that her son had locked her in a room for 40 months without leaving even to go to the bathroom, expressing the fear she felt for him.

The arguments, according to the story of the old woman and the neighbors, were common, although on Sunday the son threw her onto the bed, grabbing her tightly by the neck when the mother did not provide him with bank details. The agents, after verifying the unsanitary state of the house, requested the health services to transfer the woman to the University Clinical Hospital for her care.

The man was taken to police stations and arrested for a crime of abuse in the family. The arrested person was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority on Monday afternoon and the court decreed his release with charges.

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