Deputy Albiach combs Ignacio Garriga in the Parliament of Catalonia

Christian Kingdom

Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 12:13

High-voltage Government control session in the Catalan Parliament due to the riots carried out in recent nights by the extreme right in front of the socialist headquarters, specifically in front of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid, on Ferraz Street. The most tense moment occurred when the Vox deputy, Ignacio Garriga, addressed the commoners, whom he called “hyperventilating communists.” “Hyperventilated communist gentlemen, we will defend the legacy of our grandparents and the future of our children in legitimate defense,” said the spokesperson for the far-right formation.

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At that moment, the president of the commons group, Jéssica Albiach, gave him a comb from her seat, while her partner, David Cid, made the ‘go that way’ gesture with his hand. In his turn to question the president of the Generalitat, Garriga assured that his intention was to issue a “warning” to the Government and the PSC. “You and Mr. Aragonès will pay for it, have no doubt,” he warned. In his opinion, socialists and republicans have led Catalonia to ruin. The president of the Generalitat has replied that he will not accept “threats” in a speech that in his opinion what he was doing was announcing a “coup d’état.” “As president of Catalonia, I will work and do my best to ensure that no citizen of this country has to suffer the threats that we have heard in a speech,” he stated.

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