Does chocolate make you fat? 9 myths about diets, put to the test

These products only help you lose or maintain weight in two cases: firstly, they have fewer calories than the equivalent normal product, which is not always the case. For example: in cookies, manufacturers replace the usual sugar in these sweet, which makes them more crunchy and consistent, due to ingredients with similar effects: starches, fructose and syrup. They may seem healthier at first, but they provide as many calories per gram as sugar. And second condition: that you do not eat more than normal because they are light, a typical mistake.


Do late meals make you more fat?

Many people who want to lose weight impose the rule of not eating anything after five in the afternoon. The theory is that a prolonged period of time without eating promotes the consumption of body fats and, therefore, reduces weight. But there is no evidence to support this claim. The time of day when you eat is less decisive than the amount of calories you eat throughout the day.

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