Flavors of Mexico for 14 years at El Sardinero

Mexican cuisine is increasingly present in the gastronomic offer of any city in the world. Its attractiveness is its variety of dishes, that the flavors are not distorting, that the spiciness in the right measure of each client’s taste is an added value and that its prices are generally balanced and restrained. A consolidated example in Santander is the Mar de Cortés restaurant, located for 14 years in El Sardinero, where, in addition to an extensive menu of ‘Tex Mex’ specialties, it has a tasting menu for two people at a price of 34 euros, no drink

If we stop at this menu, the tasting consists of nachos with cheese and guacamole, tuna tostada, simple quesadilla, synchronized quesadilla, chicken and meat tacos and a house dessert. This can be accompanied by one of the Mexican beers that exist on the menu or by a Mexican sangria that is distinguished by having a splash of tequila.

If we opt for the menu, we will find the most well-known and popular specialties of Mexican cuisine on this side of the Atlantic. Among the appetizers, in addition to the Cortés nachos, there are burrito nachos and nachos with cheese and guacamole, chilaquiles and stuffed jalapeños. The greatest variety is in the tacos, quesadillas, tostadas and enchiladas chapters. For example, in the case of tacos, there are shrimp, chicken, roast beef, tinga, cochinita pibil, al pastor, dorados or cantina.

On the other hand, there are the portions, from the classic burritos to the tamales, the rajas with cream or shrimp, the Aztec cake and the wire. Finally, we highlight the homemade desserts, the cocktails and up to a dozen tequilas.

Address: Rubén Darío Square. El Sardinero (Santander).

Telephone: 942 69 35 34.

Owner: Felisa González.

Opened: 2009.

Cocina: Gustavo Adolfo Rodríguez.

Sala: Luis Alejandro Bedoya.

Kitchen style: Mexicana.

Half price: 15-20 €.

Tasting menu: €34 (2 people), without drinks.

Ability: 32 diners.

Terrace: No.

Time: From 12 to 4 and from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Close: Monday and Tuesday.

Café: Dromedary.

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