Gabriela Guillén will not give her son the last name Osborne

Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 12:17

Gabriela Guillén has stood up: “I’m tired of listening to lies and speculation,” she said on the program ‘And now Sonsoloes’ where she has decided to respond to all the information that has emerged about her and her pregnancy in recent months. In this sense, she has denied that Bertín Osborne, father of her future child, had asked her for a paternity test for the baby. “He has never asked me and I am very surprised that he does it now,” she said, although she has pointed out that she has no problem doing it to him. In any case, the fact that the singer was not by her side during her pregnancy has led her to decide that she does not want him to take her last name.

He has also denied that Bertín is covering his expenses. “He offered to give it to me and I refused.” «There is no economic agreement. He wanted to take charge, it is his right. He has made two payments to me to pay my rent and expenses and I decided not to receive any more help from him. More than anything because I think there are things more important than money,” he explained.

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