Instagram and Facebook start charging for their services

Maybe this morning when you tried to give several ‘likes’ to your friends’ posts on Instagram or Facebook you got a subscription notice. No, it is not an attack phishing to steal data, but it is the new business model of Meta services, Mark Zuckerberg’s company.


It is not the first time that the arrival of subscription payment has been rumored on social networks. X, formerly known as Twitter, already offers it and allows users to use its services without advertising along with other benefits that are not available in the free version. Now, Facebook and Meta, upon payment of 12.99 euros per month, eliminate ads from the platform and ensure that “personal data will not be shared with advertisers.” In the case of the web version, the price will be €9.99/month.

Meta reports that, as is the case with many online subscriptions, iOS and Android prices take into account the fees charged by Apple and Google through their respective purchasing policies.

euros per month

It is the amount that users who do not want advertising must pay

This is the response of Mark Zuckerberg’s company to the privacy demands of European Union regulators. “The laws in your region are changing, so we present you a new option regarding the use we make of your information for ads,” he warns in the notice sent to all accounts on the platform.

In the case of maintaining the free version, users must authorize Facebook and Instagram to “continue using account information” and “cookies” in their products, as stated in the notice received by users.

The fight for privacy

Last May, the Irish Data Protection Commission and the European Data Protection Board fined Meta €1.2 billion, the largest fine in the history of the European Union for data protection.

“The laws in your region are changing, so we’re giving you a new choice about how we use your information for ads.”

In addition to this economic sanction, the European authorities have demanded that the American technology company stop sending data from European users to the United States, since “this transfer is considered to have endangered the privacy of users in Europe.” revealed in the complaint.

However, this is not the first community fine on privacy that the business conglomerate dependent on Mark Zuckerberg has received. In May 2022, Instagram was fined 405 million euros and WhatsApp received a fine for the same reason in 2021, but with an amount that was around 225 million euros.

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